Concert Sound

Are you planning a performance in an unfamiliar or untraditional venue and concerned about the quality of the concert sound? Have you tried to set up audio or video feeds in the past, but received complaints about quality, consistency, or buffering? Then the audio and visual professionals here at PCD Live are here to help. We are a full service audio and visual equipment, design, and operation firm and our mission is bringing our clients’ events to life. From winery events, to live auctions, to concerts, to conventions, if it is instrumental to your success, we are here to make the sound, lighting, and video and audio recording top notch and worry free. Whatever the logistical challenges of your event, we will make sure it is a success from beginning to end.

Advanced and Powerful Audio and Visual Equipment Available

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, concert audio. At PCD Live we maintain a large stock of the most advanced and powerful audio and visual equipment. However, we know that good sound is not just about power, it is about tailoring your equipment and operation to the venue. At the consultation stage, we will select the best equipment for the space you are using. This involves evaluating not just the size of the space but the surface materials used, any special features, and the number of audience members and where they will be located. Our other specialties includes live streaming video, projection, and concert lighting and sound.

At PCD Live, we know that business and entertainment are both local and global. This is why we offer a seamless, unparalleled experience to your clients and audience members, whether they are at the event or watching on their phones hundreds of miles away. While we offer on-site experts to run the concert sound equipment, we can also set up live video and audio streaming and recording to bring the experience anywhere. You’ve worked hard; why compromise your dedication with amateurish or outdated concert audio? Contact the sound engineers from PCD Live today to discuss how we can make your upcoming event a success.

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