Conference Audio

PCD Live provides the level of service that you need to pull off your conference audio without a hitch. If you have trained personnel in house, we offer sound equipment rental by the piece. We will work with your specialist and/or operator to design an audio equipment package perfect for your event, without costs from equipment you really do not need. Sound equipment needs to be customized for the space you will be working in (size matters, but so do surface materials), and what sort of concert sound you need to project. We use our years of experience to help you get clear, crisp, and compelling conference audio every time so no messages are ever lost in translation. If you do not have anyone available capable of setting up and/or operating the sound set-up for your conference, no worries! PCD Live also maintains a dynamic staff of experienced audio installers and operators. We will assign as many people as necessary to help you produce your convention worry-free. Whatever your conference audio requirements, one call to PCD Live does it all.

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PCD Live provides all the resources that are required for your conference lighting to be exactly what you are envisioning. Too often, the lighting in standard event spaces is harsh, institutional, and unflattering. We maintain a large variety of lighting equipment, to achieve any effect that our customers desire, in any space. We can work with your lighting operators to put together a package of conference lighting rental equipment custom tailored for your event requirements. Our rental equipment, whenever possible, works with instead of replaces the venue lighting to minimize costs. However, some venues offer very little to work with – don’t worry, we can put together a great set of rental equipment for these locations. Or, if you are starting from scratch without any lighting operators available in-house or at the venue, we also offer trained lighting equipment operators for your event. Regardless of your needs and resources, with PCD Live know that you will be seeing clearly and comfortably throughout your event. Contact our sound engineers today!

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