PCD Live! is different from other audio visual productions companies because of the breadth of services and expertise we offer. We have state of the art equipment that brings a professional quality to your event. However, the best equipment is only useful if efficiently used! Not only do we offer lighting, audio, and visual rentals but our experts are ready to set up and engineer as needed. From technology consultation to event operations, we offer all the audio visual services needed to actualize your production. Interested in live streaming your wedding or looking for concert audio and audio recording for your rock performance? We are the experts! If you are hosting a concert, fashion show, convention, conference, theater performance, charity fundraiser, or other event, let us help make your vision a reality by taking care of your lighting, sound, and video needs.

We have one primary objective: to make your event a success. PCD Live! will work with your sound guys to set up and run equipment so everything goes smoothly the day of the event, or we can be entirely responsible for audio visual services. If you need help determining what is needed for your venue or have an elaborate sound or audio design in mind, refer to our specialists! We have experience in everything from working with existing equipment to save you money to rigging a complicated set.

Don’t spend your event worrying about the technology. Instead, let us produce a memorable presentation that engages your attendees for you. We have experts available for the following services and more:

We are proud to serve Napa, Sonoma County, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today for all your event needs.