Sound Engineer

Are you a company, school, or other organization that frequently requires the expert services of a sound engineer, but do not have sufficient demand to hire for the position full time? Then PCD Live may be just the solution you are looking for. We are known for serving Sonoma and Napa counties with high quality audio and visual design and equipment. However, less known is that we provide full audio engineer and sound engineer services, from initial consultation and design to operation and post-event file archiving and sharing. We understand that our clients are in dynamic businesses, and that they require responsive service. We are dedicated to having our full concert sound and audio engineer team available to our clients at any time, anywhere. If you can dream it, PCD Live can help make it a reality. Make your next concert, show, conference, or other special event a day to remember with our help.

PCD Live can Help Make your Dream a Reality

PCD Live is a comprehensive audio visual service firm. While we offer a full range of services, we specialize in making sure our clients have engaging, successful special events and concerts. Whatever the challenges your conference audio needs present, our sound guys are ready and waiting to help. Our audio team includes specialists ranging from sound engineers focusing on customized design for spaces to operators whose job it is to make sure your special event goes off without a hitch. While we are proud to carry cutting edge, precisely maintained equipment for rent, the knowledge and dedication of our employees is our number one asset.

PCD Live is proud to continue in our tradition of serving Sonoma and Napa Counties, as well as the greater Bay Area. We have assisted our clients in making events such as concerts, recitals, and conferences a success throughout the area. Whatever your dreams are, our sound engineer team wants to help you achieve them. Give PCD Live a call today to discuss how we can help make your dream event a reality.

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