PCD Live provides audio equipment and sound packages for events including:

  • Concerts, Large and Small
  • Corporate Meetings and Presentations
  • Conferences and Keynotes
  • Governmental Hearings, Town Halls, and Speeches
  • Educational Lectures
  • Theatrical Events
  • Religious Sermons

Flawless sound is always a result of the equipment and the people who operate it effectively.
We offer state of the art gear and the determination and know how to deliver while never losing sight of the passion for what we do.

Whether your event requires a single microphone with two speakers or a full line-array, PCD Live has a diverse inventory of equipment and can provide you with the audio capabilities you need to make your event sound as amazing as it looks. We are flexible and able to create seamless solutions for single or multiple stages, indoor or outdoor events of any size in a variety of venues

Our experienced team is fully capable of creating seamless sound quality for live web streaming events so you can expand your audience further than ever before. Our experienced audio technicians will both install and operate the equipment, providing you the best possible quality and leaving you plenty of opportunity to focus on your customers, students, or patrons.

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