Video Screen

Video services for special events, concerts, and conferences including video recording and projection, complete with professional operators for these systems.

Are you planning a special event for your company or performing arts troupe, but the video screen available at the venue is not adequate for your needs? Do you require supplementary audio or visual equipment or services to make sure your message comes across clearly? Then PCD Live may be the answer. We offer comprehensive audio and video services to clients throughout Napa, Sonoma, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Pulling off an event to remember requires both high quality equipment and expert advice. We offer a vast array of well maintained, cutting edge audio and visual equipment including a video screen to fit any size venue. We also offer technical expertise from the planning stage right through expert operation on the big day. Best of all, you only pay for the services that you need. We will consult with you about your event to determine exactly how we can help, and how you can best use your existing resources.

Comprehensive Audio Visual Services for Special Events

PCD Live offers comprehensive audio visual services for special events such as concerts and conferences. We know that producing important events, particularly at unfamiliar venues, can be extremely challenging and stressful. This is why we offer comprehensive and cutting edge audio visual services to our customers. Whether you are looking to rent specific pieces of equipment, or have no idea to start and need a consultation and full service from equipment selection to operation, PCD Live can be your partner in making your event a success.

PCD Live does not just offer on-site services including video screen rental and expert operation of all equipment. We also offer presentation transmittal services. At PCD Live, we know that business is global and that many of your customers, audience members, and prospective clients will not be at the location. For this reason, we offer recording, archiving, and live streaming services as needed. Transmit your performance or presentation worldwide in real time, and have it available for future use or access as required. PCD Live knows that offering conference audio visual services includes helping your clients access information conveniently and quickly online. Give our sound engineers a call today to discuss your event and how our dedicated team can help you make it a success.

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