PCD Live’s video services for special events include the following:

  • Video Recording
  • Video Projection
  • LED Displays
  • Professional setup for Event
  • Professional Operators for Duration of Event

You may choose to use one or all of these services for your event. Our team is experienced in creating video solutions for special events, concerts, conferences, web seminars, outdoor festivals, art exhibits, and much more. We offer several pre-packaged video setups or a complete custom solution for unique events.

One of the many ways we’ve found to help our clients stand out and put on unforgettable events is in using projection mapping to warp and blend projected images to fit perfectly on unusually shaped surfaces. Images and video can be projected onto buildings, objects, landscapes, and various interior spaces. Regardless of the type of event or venue you’re working with, PCD Live will help you create an unforgettable event.

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